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What does a wildlife garden need?

What does a wildlife garden need?

How to create a wildlife friendly garden - or make your garden just a little bit more wildlife-friendly. Easy tips and expert advice to help birds, pollinating insects, ...

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Urban Wildlife in your Garden


How To Make A Wildlife Friendly Garden

Take a look around the back garden to see how I have turned the whole place over to wildlife. 3 ponds, a bog garden area, sunny bee friendly areas and a ...

Wildlife Gardening Top Tips

Surrey Wildlife Trust's Top Tips to help make your garden a haven for wildlife.

The Top 10 Wildlife Friendly Plants To Make Wildlife Gardens

Top 10 wildlife friendly plants 1.Hawthorn (Crataegus) The most common hedgerow shrub in the UK. It attracts over 150 species of insect. In summer, it's covered ...

The Wildlife Garden Project - How to help bats in your garden

http://wildlifegardenproject.com The Wildlife Garden Project shows you how to help bats in your garden. Bats are in decline in the UK, but this video shows you a ...

Certified Wildlife Habitats - Why Garden for Wildlife?

Visit http://bit.ly/14BHGMv for more information. 1st of 7 - Naturalist David Mizejewski answers the questions \

How To Make A Small Wildlife Pond In Your Garden Quickly & Cheaply

Using easy and cheap to buy products to create a small Wildlife garden pond. Great project to do with children at home or in a school garden or allotment.

The Wildlife Garden range

The Wildlife Garden range in action. Nesting boxes and feeders for birds, squirrels, butterflies, bats and bees, - a demonstration.

CJ Wildlife: Attract More Wildlife to Your Garden

Tips and advice on how to attract more wildlife to your garden with CJ Wildlife.

Artistic & Sustainable Garden Design for Wildlife -- Monarch Gardens LLC

MONARCH GARDENS LLC Prairie Garden Design in Nebraska low maintenance landscapes using 100% native plants sustainable and organic design for ...

Wildlife in a Garden

Some of the visitors to the garden over the last few years. With some relaxing music.

How to Make a Wildlife Garden

Naturalist John Walters shows how he created a wildlife garden, full of birds, frogs, bees and even slugs and worms. He also gives useful advice on creating ...

Wildlife Garden : Attracting Amphibians to a Garden

Attracting amphibians, like frogs, newts and toads, to a garden involves providing cool, damp shelters for the autumn and winter, and offering a pond in a sunny ...

Surrey Wildlife Garden Award - Private Garden Winner 2015

Find lots of tips on how to create an amazing wildlife garden with Annie Keighley in Frimley Green. Annie won the Surrey Wildlife Garden Award in 2015 for best ...

The Wildlife Garden Project - How to help hedgehogs in your garden

http://wildlifegardenproject.com The Wildlife Garden Project shows you how to help hedgehogs in your garden. Hedgehogs are in decline in the UK, but this ...

The Wildlife Garden Project | A guide to fish in your wildlife pond

http://www.wildlifegardenproject.com Jack Perks talks us through which fish species will live happily in your wildlife pond, as well as giving some tips on making ...

Attracting Wildlife to Your Home Landscape

UNL Extension Educator Dennis Ferraro shows us some practical ways to attract wildlife to your backyard.

Restoring A Garden For Wildlife

This is the story of a garden restoration. I challenged myself to transform a derelict, litter-strewn patch of ground into a wildlife garden in just a few months.

How to encourage wildlife into your garden

How to encourage wildlife into your garden and build a pond out of an old bath tub.

Bespoke DIY solitary bee house unboxing | Wildlife garden & pond tour

Here is an unboxing video of a custom made insect & bee habitat, follow this link if you want to get yourself one ...

Wildlife Gardening - How to make your garden a wildlife haven.

Here's some great ideas for making your garden more wildlife friendly. If your local trust runs a wildlife gardening scheme, why not sign up.

Creating a wildlife garden pond

With the right planting and materials you can create a beautiful and amazing wildlife pond. It must be the best feature anyone can introduce into their garden.

Higgy's Wildlife Garden Pollinator Special

A video of plants for pollinators, it includes butterflies, bees and other insects. Filmed in Higgy's Garden as featured on the BBC program 'SPRING WATCH ...

The Waitrose Garden | Episode 4: Wildlife Garden

Matt James helps plant a wildlife garden at Longstock Park, with nectar- and scent-rich plants and flowers to attract an abundance of bees and butterflies.

Gardening Tips | Gardening for Wildlife

Create a creature-friendly garden that's in tune with nature and looks good, too.

An Enjoyable Cottage Garden with Wildlife

This video with musical background is about a Newark, Delaware Cottage Garden loaded casually with flowers, wildlife, and some fun with the grandkids.

Garden on a Roll - Wildlife/Mixed Sunny Border

Wildlife Border : This Collection is a beautiful blend of flowering perennials that attract bees and butterflies combined with hardy flowering shrubs, many of which ...

Permaculture Garden: food and wildlife garden together

Wildlife shots at Lillie House over the last 2 weeks or so, with thoughts about integration of nature and production. This is the gardening paradigm described by ...

Step By Step How To Build A Wildlife Pond For Your Garden Or Allotment

In this episode of UK Here We Grow, Tony O'Neill shows you how to build a wildlife pond step by step. He gives you some excellent tips and tricks on creating a ...

The Making of a Wildlife Garden - part two

Part two of documentary from 1984.

Garden for Wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation

This video was produced with the generous support of Susan and Dan Gottlieb and the G2 Gallery. Visit http://bit.ly/1kjIxKh to learn more information. National ...

A Garden for Wildlife: Natural Landscaping for a Better Backyard

A slideshow about landscaping for wildlife, part of \

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